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Knowledge facilitator and love guide!


I am an adventurer. Sometimes I explore inner space, and sometimes outter. My reasoning for exploration is a happy curiosity. I feel I have so much to learn and so much to share. This blog was created to track my adventures, and share my insights along the way.

A little about me:

I am very spiritual. I am intrigued with pushing my boundries. I am addicted to evolving. I am a true hugger. There is nothing like the feeling of holding someone close and squeezing them tight. I could talk for hours, really I have and will. I love good conversation. I seek a healthy rich existence. Anything that falls along the lines of the "GOOD LIFE" I am into it.

I am the happiest girl ever when I am in nature, dancing under a full moon, playing music, laughing with beautiful souls, & dreaming up stories at the sky!

I love yoga, I love dancing, I love giggling, and I love singing. I love to climb high trees, & swim in huge waves! I love to play and get dirty and obsess over a piece of art I am working on.

I love to love. Really, I know that sounds cheesy but I am a true lover. I can't help it. There is this intense swell in my heart that just looks for something to love in everyone I encounter. I wish it weren't so sometimes cuz it makes me vulnerable to people, but I guess that's how I get myself into most of the amazing situations I do.

I am a healer. I love to offer words or open ears, stretches or a massage to help people release their pain. I think humans are fragil and we feel too much pain. I think that makes us human and I wouldn't change it, I just love to be one of the humans to make it feel better.

I am animated and full of life! I know how to make a good fun mess, and I also appreciate clean beautiful surroundings. I don't wear a watch, and run on my own dimension of time. I am spontaneous, random, and strange.

I have emerald green eyes, and I wear flowers, beads, charms & luck in my wild, curly, rasta hair.

Oh yeah one more thing. People say I am made of glitter. Check your carpet next time I come over, you'll know what I mean!


travel, spirituality, yoga, chocolate, theatre, dancing, hugs, massage, skipping, hiking, soccer, books, camping, snowboarding, wakeboarding, surfing, teddy bears, playing with kids, swimming in the ocean, independent and foreign movies, staying up late, fire dancing, playing with fire, vegetarian livin, art of any kind, remembering my dreams, talking with someone interesting, anything new and interesting, feeling safe and warm, exploring my self, writing in my life to the fullest!